Zombie Apocolypse, Grade 4 Style

McK has a project coming up in school that is meant to be “All About Me”, except en francais, and with no words visible. She needs to be able to create a project that would have all of the triggers necessary to be able to speak the whole thing to the class without reading anything. Things such as hair color, eye color, age, something she is taller than, something she is shorter than, her fave things, her least fave things etc. So after much debate on how she wants to present this information (you get graded on creativity), she has settled on “scary”.

Lately McK has become a bit of a horror fan. She’s, admittedly, not quite ready for any of the movies, but is crazy about Chucky from Child’s Play, Bloody Mary, the girl from the Exorcist etc. So when the Hallowe’en store popped up, well, let’s just say she’s been nearly everyday and has taken nearly everyone she knows. There are things in this store that even gross ME out, but she traipses through like its nothing, shields her eyes from very little, grabs heads that are hung on the rack by meat hooks through the tongue and rolls her eyes as the Ring-looking girl eats a brain.

So we wandered around, trying to find things that would “fit” with the project in question, aiming for a balance of creative/fun/informative/not totally freaking out her classmates and causing mass nightmares or mid-class vomit. I think we nailed it. We have, however, since decided to omit the head-spinning, eye-glowing, puke-covered Exorcist decoration from the line-up (probably a good call by her) but otherwise, we should be safe from any…ummm……calls from the teacher. He strikes me as the type who (panicked calls from parents who have been up all night with their petrified children demanding answers as to why they were shown horrific images in his classroom aside) will be very much in favor of seeing something he likely has never seen before in his class. I hope.

I tried to convince McK to let me adhere vampire fangs to her teeth for when she presents but she said that was a bit of an overkill. Get it? Kill? Zombie? MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!!! 



2 thoughts on “Zombie Apocolypse, Grade 4 Style

  1. I was at Winners today and now I’m so disappointed that I put down the Brain Cupcake set that I was going to get her. D’oh.

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