Thankful For Loads and The Little Things

It was Thanksgiving yesterday. I have TONS to be thankful for. So much so, in fact, that I wouldn’t know where to start. So I won’t. Mostly because I remember to be thankful every day, not just onthe first or second Monday of every October.

I realize that Thanksgiving is an “officially calendar marked” opportunity to really think of what you’re thankful for, to perhaps verbalize it, make others aware of your gratefulness (is that a word?). But why do so many people wait until that one day to tell people? Its like Valentines Day. If I love you, chances are I love you all year and won’t be waiting until Feb 14 to let you know it.

I live a life of plenty. My child is incredibly loved and wonderfully well cared for, ridiculously smart and intelligently funny. She loves me back as much, to the moon, so she tells me. I spend my days working with good, decent people at a job I truly enjoy. The people I choose to keep close to me know how important they are because I tell them, on any given day, not just on that one day in fall where turkeys reign supreme and pie making skills are at an all time premium.

I once heard a radio show and was compelled to write in. The host asked his audience, if you had one day to live, what would you do. Everyone called in saying Ohhh I would tell so-and-so that I loved them, or that I forgive them, or I would go and do THAT, that thing I had been too scared to do, or say that thing I had been too scared to say. And I wrote to him saying, “Why are they waiting?”. He replied, “Exactly.”

So I do not begrudge anyone for reflecting on Thanksgiving Day of all they are thankful for, for making note of it, for telling people they are thankful for them. I just hope its not the only time they stop to think about it. Because as evidenced a month or so ago, sending someone a card in the mail, completely out of the blue, letting them know how much you appreciate them or how amazing you think they are brings about a graditude that cannot be contained in just one day of the year.


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