Red Red Yellow Red Red Yellow

I’m what you might call a “details person”. I notice things. I notice pretty much everything. Pat is always floored when I remember things and I often hear “How did you even know where that was? We’ve never been there before??” to which my reply is always something along the lines of “Well, we drove past it that one time, 6 years ago, when we were on our way to go buy that <insert totally random item here> at that store with the lady who kept calling you sonny.”

Its not only that I remember small details. I SEE things too. I see things that stand out to me, that I think would stand out to everyone, but they don’t. Sometimes it my OCD coming into play. And sometimes I think my detail-noticing is just me being a lil bit cray cray.

I will always notice when a group of cars are all the same shade of color. Like, 4 red cars parked beside each other, or 6 grey cars that pass by on the road. I will dump a mini pack of smarties in my hand and the only thing I will see is that there are three greens and every other color is a single. And then I will not be able to eat the greens together, always separate.

I believe I have passed this oddity on to McK. I know this because sometimes I will say “Hm, all of those cars are shades of blue” and she will reply “Yeah, I noticed that too”. Not that theres anything wrong with noticing these things, or being aware of where you are in the city, or recognizing landmarks and key things. Its not like it takes up a ton of space in the old noggin. We have memories that are like bank vaults. I remember what Pat orders from every food spot we go to. From the intricasies of his Subway order to what he takes in his Tims. And now, so does McK. She knows that this is a trait only she and I possess so she makes him write our order down every time he goes out for us. Every. Time. He is not what you would classify as a detail person. His eyes get glossy and empty when I try to “tell” him where we were that one time and where we saw that one thing and when it was that we went to that place and who it was we saw at that restaurant. He just stares at me with a blank look and asks me one more time what I want in my coffee.

3 cream, 2 sweetner. Write that down.


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