Once A Quitter

Pat quit smoking on the weekend. Lord help us all.

I could essentially end this post right there.

He quit Saturday afternoon. It is Tuesday now. Day three. And no one is dead yet. That I know of.

Saturday he did good. Not a lot of twitching or odd behaviour. Nor a lot of coughing. Sunday was a little worse. His natural reaction every time a commercial came on TV was to get up as that was when he would normally smoke. Or when there was coffee being made. Or when his dad came over. Or just before we’d leave to go somewhere. There were a few cranky moments but he was aware of them and realized what he was doing pretty quick (we MAY have given him a few subtle hints). There was much snacking going on. MUCH. Which is better than much smoking going on. And there was also much checking of the “Quit Smoking” app that details for him minute by minute things like how much money you have saved so far, how much your red blood cells are thanking you, what percentage of your sense of taste has returned etc etc.

Monday, the bear woke up.

Things were a little more grizzly, a little less “look how I am saving my own life” rosy. Probably the best thing to happen to our household was the fact that he is spending this week working offsite in Brandon. So all of his workmates get to deal with week one, in all of its glory. I’ve never been so happy to send him off on his way as this week right here.

He sent a message while en route to Brandon. “I hate people. I hate all strangers. I hate men especially right now. I have no patience for them. For people in general.” So thats fun….for the suckers in the truck with him.

There have so far been no reports of a homicide in Brandon, no requests to bail him out of jail, and no indication of a weak moment. Day three of a cigarette-free Pat is well underway. Which, considering the fact that 90% of his colleagues smoke and they spend, ohhhh, 90% of their day on smoke-breaks, is pretty amazing. Talk about cold turkey. Talk about jumping right in. Talk about willpower. Talk about being thankful for 200km safety radius.



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