Mirror, Mirror

When you have lost an amount of weight that is deemed somewhat significant (35lbs), when do you think you start to actually see that person in the mirror?

I have kept this weight off for over a  year now. I run when I feel like it (certainly not as much as before) and I still eat well so the weight has successfully stayed off. And yet, more often than not I still feel like that heavier person. There are a few outfits that I put on and think, ok, yes, smaller, fitter, definitely. But then there are the days where I feel the exact same as before. Maybe its a time thing. I was THAT weight for 9 years, it will take a few to get to feel like me at THIS weight.

This all kind of hit me last night. A technician was describing something that was going on in my body and said “Because you are thin, you’ll feel it more.” Because I am thin. A stranger who did not know that I was 35 lbs heavier a year ago called me thin. Huh. How bout that?

I know I am fit. I know I am strong. I know I do not long to be “skinny”. I believe that some muscle definition is sexy. I believe in having a healthy goal weight. I beleive the old adage that muscle weighs more than fat and will not be ruled by the scale. I believe the combo of weights and cardio is the way to go and that fat loss is born in the kitchen. I believe that mirrors show both flaws and successes, regardless of what you choose to focus on. And I believe that random unintentional compliments from strangers will help you see more of the successes and less of the flaws looking back at you.


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