Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Two weeks! Two weeks from tomorrow and I will be on a plane, heading to New Orleans, where the sole purpose of the trip is to watch some FOOTBALL!!! There will be a little shopping, some really phenomenal eating, but mostly, there will be football-ing.

My NFL team is the New Orleans Saints. It has been ever since I first saw them play at the Superdome in September of 2008. Theres just something about dem Saints, baby. From the moment they take the field, the post-coin-toss moment where Drew raises his hand, swipes it down and 86,000 people start chanting “Who dat?”, the group huddle and cheer prior to the start of the game where giant men surround one gaint man and hang on every word he says and in unison they agree that they deserve this win, they have earned this win, they expect this win. And watching them play? Its breathtaking. From Darren Sproles who is all thigh, to Jimmy Graham who is all legs, to Akiem Hicks who is all Canadian, to Jonathan Vilma who is all in, to Drew Brees who is all eyes. Makes one amazing team who is all heart.

I will be, in my obsessive fan glory, decked out from head to toe in black and gold. I have even bought spray paint to paint old boots gold a la MsBehaviour’s Bomber Boots. There will be black and gold nails, gold eyeshadow, my beloved number 9 jersey (natch), face paint, gold glitter, tattos, eye glare tape, and fleur de lis’s stuck everywhere I can stick em. But the piece de resistance? The dragging panther.

You see, when we are there, the Saints play the Carolina Panthers. And, much like the guy at the Bomber game who drags around a tiger on a rope when we play the TiCats, I will be dragging along a black panther on a lovely golden string through the streets of New Orleans. As excited as I am to watch Cam Newton play, I hope he gets a royal TROUNCING on game day.

Add to that some decidedly witty and clever signs that we are sure to get on TV, and there you have an NFL fan at its finest. Anything less would be an insult to the cult that is the Who Dat Nation.

Geaux Saints!


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