I Want To Be In That Number

Football is over.

Sad Char is sad.

HOWEVER! The CFL season starts on or about June 28 with pre-season games even earlier. The NFL season starts on or about September 5 with preseason games in August. So thats what…….4 months give or take?????? And in that time we have open practices, the combine, the draft……….that’ll help tide me over…..right??? RIGHT?!?!?

I think that my new goal is to go to the Saints home opener. This is for a number of reasons. One, I got a taste of it again in December and while that game was fun, it was their final regular season game and really, lets be honest, meant nothing in le grande scheme of things. Two, their defensive line is complete and intact and J-Vil will be playing from game one onwards, AS IT SHOULD BE. Add to that they hired Rob Ryan, the just-as-crazy-half of the Ryan brothers, as their defensive coordinator and BOOM bring on the brick wall of big boys! Three, Drew will be composed and collected and pinpoint and precise because he will not have any of the weight hanging over him that he had this year. He was essentially the brains of the entire team this year with the loss of the coach etc and having to work with an interim coach and then an interim-interim coach? That would crumble even the strongest of men. And last but not least, my personal fave is back, Coach Sean Payton. Back on the field where he belongs. Back beside Drew with his visor and his juicy fruit gum and his black track jacket. Back with energy and pure pure love for New Orleans coursing through his veins. He was a “free agent” for awhile. Open to other teams. And they wanted him. BOY did they want him. But lucky for us, lucky for NOLA, lucky for the team and for every fan who has stood by them that he stayed where his heart is.

Yes. I do believe that I would like to be there on opening day. Cheering and whistling and chanting along with 86000 other true-dats. Because when the Saints go marching in, don’t YOU want to be in that number??


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