My Kid ~ She’s Kinda Cool

So my little princess has been growing up a lot lately. She has been evolving into something pretty spectacular complete with her own sense of style, taste in music, likes and dislikes and of course, plenty of attitude.

She cracks me up on a daily, if not hourly, basis. She loves to wear her fake glasses, especially the ones with rims that look like they’re from the video game MineCraft. Because she LOVES the video game MineCraft. She digs wearing wrist bands and skinny jeans and above all else, let there be suspenders! She has suspenders in every color of the rainbow and yes, even rainbow colored ones too. Her teacher actually calls her Bretelle, french for suspenders. From a girl who lived in nothing but leggings, she is now a skinny-jean fiend and for some reason cannot stand to wear long sleeved shirts. An outing would have to be pretty spectactular for her to actually put a dress on, and she would likely pair it with her skater shoes. She loves the current artists on the radio but wholeheartedly states that nothing, NO ONE, will ever trump Michael Jackson on her playlist. Ever. She has random moments where she just wants to hit the treadmill and do push ups with us in the basement. She’ll make a face as soon as a camera is on, never mind pointed at her. She’ll dance the instant she catches a whiff of a beat and its both gangly and rhythmic at the same time.

She has taken to wearing her owl headphones because if it has an owl on it, it surely must belong to her. She loves to shop and be at the mall and hang out with her friends and lucky for us, loves to hang out with us still. She’s a techie and can figure stuff out long before I can and teaches me with (sometimes) patience. She’s a fabulous student and has taken on the learing of a new language like she was put on this earth to be Francais. She essentially lives in her walk-in closet and if you ever can’t find her, she’s likely snuggled up in there with her oversized pillows and an iPad watching her favourite YouTube star play video games and listen to him commentate the whole way through. She now can’t play a single video game without giving a running commentary of every move she makes to no one in particular and anyone who’s listening. She loves horror stories and scary pictures and thank heavens for Goosebumps books which were made for kids her age.

As we drive along, me with my arm twisted around, reaching into the backseat so we can still hold hands, I marvel at how cool she is, at what a neat kid she is, at how grown up she is. And I think to myself, what in the world is this super awesome kid gonna be when she grows up, what cool fantastical things will she do? It doesn’t take long to come up with an answer.

Anything she wants to.


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