Double Standard

Quick question….

How come no one dares utter a negative WORD when the Jets lose, yet this city takes a collective DUMP on the Bombers when they do?

Yes, we just got them back. Yes, its been a crazy start to the season for them. But seriously, I don’t follow hockey that much and even *I* know they’re actually just not really that great of a team. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that no one bashes the shit out of them all over twitter, and that fans protect and defend them to those that have the balls to, but why is it so different than defending and loving the Bombers, win or lose? Why do people feel like its a-ok to shit-upon the Bombers when they don’t play well? Is it because they have a history of not being that great? Or because they had a shitty year where they made a habit of not being that great? Well, thus far the Jets have lost more than they’ve won. Soooo…..

Like I said. I am a huge fan of people being positive about their home teams and defending them win or lose and I’m certainly not implying that people need to start bashing the Jets because they don’t have a good game. I just think the courtesy needs to be extended to ALL the home teams we have.

Go blue.


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